Tobias & The Bear

Tobias & The Bear

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Having met in 2007 as creative and editorial heads of a newly launched online fashion store Leanne and Ruth were colleagues first, friends soon after and then some time after that, mums to their little dudes, Tobias and Arlo (the Bear in the tale).

It was a post maternity leave water cooler conversation (yes, they really do happen) that triggered the idea for Tobias & the Bear - great printed leggings, with unique designs created by them, for boys, or tomboys (or for any mum who wanted a break from the sea of pink out there). Their hunt for just this had failed time and again and their babies were at risk of having to wear styles they felt were suited for men more than boys. That was in the autumn of 2013 and just 10 months later, they were up and running with their first four designs.

They have since learnt that actually, there are an awful lot of mums who don’t want to dress their girls in bows and frills and so the collection has a real unisex handwriting. They’re not about seasons. They believe in building a large collection of incredible styles and prints which they add to regularly and everything they do is 100% made in the UK – that’s really important to them. Leggings are their love. Cool bedding and interiors are another passion (and new for them this spring) and tees and sweatshirts are coming soon – because why wouldn’t they want to complete the look.